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UPDATED 30 May 2013


I couldn't find another group like this on DevArt, so I decided to make my own!

My name is MiyuMiyu-chan :iconmiyumiyuchancosplay:, and I'm a cosplayer and lover of latex! It's so shiny and pretty and looks amazing on cosplayers.

All types of cosplay are welcome, as long as they use latex material in at least one part of the costume. Anime, manga, video games, TV/movies, comics, and original cosplay designs are all welcome. Please feel free to submit as many deviations as you like in the proper folders.

I have not put a limit on how many deviations you can submit! If you have a cosplay using latex material, please submit it to the gallery.


Since latex is kind of a fetish thing, I am now accepting other "fetishy" or ero cosplay to the gallery under "other fetish cosplay." Bondage, PVC/vinyl, shibari, etc can be added to the gallery in this category.


I think there has been some confusion lately about what belongs in this group. Please read this before submitting your work! If your work gets declined, it is most likely because I don't believe it fits into any of the categories for this group.   It does not necessarily mean your costume is bad!

1. This is primarily a group for latex and cosplay together. Latex is NOT the same as PVC. Just because your character wears a catsuit does not mean it belongs in this group unless it is made of latex rubber.

2. Cosplay is either a costume of an existing character from anime, comics, movies, etc or a costume of some kind. Something you might wear on Halloween might fit this category (nurses, nuns, pirates, steampunk, etc). Regular fetish wear (hoods, gasmasks, etc) are not cosplay. There are plenty of latex groups on DeviantART which accept regular fetish photography!

3. This group is ONLY for photographs of cosplayers and costumes. Photo manips and drawings do not belong here.

4. For something to be accepted to "other fetish cosplay" (non-latex) it has to be a fetish version of a regular cosplay. For example, a PVC Black Widow cosplay would not fit this category since that is what the character would normally wear. A PVC version of a Sailor Moon uniform WOULD belong here because it's a "fetished up" version of the costume. Cosplayers in "fetish" situations (bondage, shibari, etc) can be posted here. Nudity in itself is not a fetish! Nudity is allowed in the group if it is properly marked as "mature" but just because you're showing your breasts does not mean you belong in this group.

5. If it is not latex, I am VERY picky about what I will allow in the group because I want to avoid cluttering it up with unrelated photos. If in doubt, browse through the "other fetish cosplay" category to see what types of work are accepted to this category.

6. If your image is of a cosplay MADE OF latex material, you will be accepted! If you're not sure if your costume is latex or not, it probably isn't.

7. I accept any photos that fit the categories! Submissions are unlimited!

Thanks so much for reading!
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GundamDethscythe Nov 26, 2013
forget this last post i was drunk and pissed at a fetish club when i wrote it on my phone my sincerest apologese indeed to the owner and all concerned lol silly thing to do really sorry bout that.
GundamDethscythe Nov 26, 2013
i agree its exactly an official or one of the recoginsed MAIN stream fetish's is it lets face  its more new thing or a hybrid o two fetish'e together im not a fan at all but id like to watch instead of joining yes i totally agree with a few of the other latex traditionalists i love manga i havea vast collection Gundam wing ho kuto no ken,Gun X sword that kind of line of manga is more exciting but manga is manga and latex fetish is latex fetish, i dont think i really want to be mixing up the two when they are really two different things altogether in my opinion,but its only my opinion, its a nice lil group and i hope sincerely and wish you all the best that it will no doubt grow and cater to the people that do cosplay, but! speaking for the more traditional latex fetishist who do visit the clubs like torture garden and so on around the world, and wear latex ONLY as you put it not cosplay, its not my bag and dont really think latex fetishist traditional wearers will mix pr would mix the two either to be frank and honest but its a lovely group and itll cater the masses i suppose but, for the record i havea vast collection of latexbyvarious desighners from arouns the globe all custom pieces per chance atsuko kudo so on and so forth, and latex and rubber are two different materials to some of us that know it wel lplease try not to and  dont cunfuse the two, its not JUST lets get done up in rubber its latex alone not latex rubber dont confuse it as just RUBBER im also like your good self i am VERY conservative and PICKY about things like that about my latex/fetish's but i like the group i hope itll be popular for your good self and the people that do the fancy dress thing. and i im not being rude at all i dont mean to come across as such in any way and my apologese if i do but! its only my latex point of view and opinion and of course like most it dosen't really mean much of anything lol i wish you all the best with kindest regards from Duo Maxwell Gundam Pilot.
miyumiyuchancosplay Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I tried to sort through this but it didn't make a lot of sense at times. As someone who loves Atsudo Kudo, has been to the Baroness's Rubber Ball in NYC, works with high quality 4D and Radical Rubber in her handmade pieces, and loves the fetish scene, I don't see any problem at all with integrating latex into fashion and cosplay and I think placing arbitrary rules on where latex should and should not be used is kind of pointless and not useful at all. Why limit things for no reason other than to be elitist? Latex looks and feels beautiful in cosplay designs. Also, not sure where you are having trouble with the use of the words "latex" and "rubber" or whatever it was you were trying to say. I have often seen designers use the words interchangeably.
RachelTheHeadMaid Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Well said.  I am so glad that latex can be used for cosplay.  There are so many possible characters to create in rubber.
GundamDethscythe Dec 11, 2013
its ok miyu it was acomment posting quite sometime back lol and it didnt mean anything i was very drunk at the time of sending at the time just forget if you would i did send my sincerest apologese on the second one if you'd read it but briefly i didnt mean nayhting at all nor did i mean anything it so sorry about that if i hurt your feelings in anyway as i am a very genuine latex lover myself and active at all time sin the alt latex fet community always have been but try to forget my comments or just delete if you would they are pointless as they were posted several to be honest i did after and have deeply regreted posting them since as i had time to think about your group and its ideas in that sense and im all for it would like to be a member if possible at some point but its ok i totally understand you are trying to meld the two together and sorry for the silly hurtfull comments posted as dopey as they were my humble apologese and hope you keep up all the good work with your group and i hope it will continue to prosper in the not to distant future with kindest regards from AJ Ward esq.
I don't cosplay (since I'm broke) but I have tons of latex costume ideas I'd like to see happen!
atomicrick Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Seems like a lively group ... I don't shoot this style of photography, but I decided to watch instead of joining!
miyumiyuchancosplay Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Not a problem, that's great! Thanks for the watch!
I think you're awesome for setting this group up. I love latex so much and cosplay too <3 and I love you! Thanks
miyumiyuchancosplay Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Aww hehe I'm glad you enjoy the group!!
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